Smart EV charging


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Smart EV charging


iEquos offers a comprehensive EV charging solution, boasting customisable and scalable management features. From home charging to fleet operations, iEquos presents a user-friendly, all-in-one platform empowering users to monitor, control, and manage their charging needs.

For the brief, we were asked to create a fresh brand identity for its market launch, alongside developing a custom website showcasing its residential and commercial charging solutions in the EV market.


We've designed a distinct identity engineered for instant recognition in the EV industry. The bolt iconography encapsulates the platform's essence, intricately designed with angular shapes to exude energy. We've opted for a vibrant green and deep blue colour palette, supported by a bespoke typeface, to strike the balance between EV technology and software. This synergy manifests in a dynamic website, highlighting EV solutions for home and work. Our language reflects the target demographic, while the tech art direction shines through in a dark world with subtle UI animations and engaging videos, enhancing the overall user experience.