Collaborate to


We’re a creative collective backed by a network of friends, forming meaningful partnerships with brands and businesses.
We collaborate by
Working closely with clients to get an in-depth understanding of the background and barriers to every brief. So, together, we can decide on the best solutions.
We elevate by
Creating and delivering solutions that not only answer the brief’s commercial problem but open opportunities for brands to evolve and thrive.
We form partnerships by
Being creative, innovative, reliable confidantes. Delivering what we promise and always thinking about how we can help our clients take their businesses to the next level.

What meaningful partnerships mean to us

We build partnerships like we form friendships.

We’re drawn to those who inspire us with their talent, challenge us with their intellect, and align with our commitment, spirit, and values. Whether that’s the client partners we work with, or those in our network of collaborators.

For those we admire and aspire to work with, we always go above and beyond to build a partnership that works.

Our beliefs.

We started Friends of Mine because we wanted to work more closely, and exclusively, with some of the crazy talented individuals we’d met during our stint in the big agency world. But it was also a bid for freedom, autonomy and the new, exciting challenges a fresh start would bring.

At the foundations of Friends of Mine are a few things we ask of ourselves daily.
Stay hungry
For knowledge, for inspiration, for the buzz of a new idea or fresh way of doing things. This constant curiosity keeps us honest and always learning.
Bring the best you
Coming up with creative solutions to briefs is fun, so let’s never forget that. Let’s strive to bring the most inspired and informed version of ourselves to every new opportunity.
Keep a promise
Whether it’s to each other or our clients, we should always deliver what we say we will.
Aim to exceed
There’s a hidden opportunity in almost every brief, let’s always keep an eagle-eye out for it.
Nobody does it better
We set up Friends of Mine inspired and excited by the talent within our network, so let’s keep the belief alive, that as a collective, we can more than rise to any challenge.
YOU-niqueness welcome
We believe our differences, passions, and idiosyncrasies make each of us fascinating, and our work is richer for the diversity of those in our network and what they can teach us.