Where There's Spice, There's Cobra


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Where There's Spice, There's Cobra


Cobra’s brand campaign “Where There’s Spice, There’s Cobra” showcases the diversity of spicy food where Cobra sees itself as the ideal partner.

We supported Mars Agency in producing a film for Cobra Beer, unveiling chefs Jeremy Pang and Marni Xuto as its new brand ambassadors.


Developing a host of bespoke Asian-inspired dishes that pair well with Cobra and Cobra Zero, we filmed Jeremy and Marni cooking and talking about their dishes at Jeremy's School of Wok in Covent Garden.

The pair were filmed talking in conversational style which gave the on screen chemistry a natural feel, and then cut the story together to introduce the partnership and talk through the dishes, intersected with B-roll footage, also captured on the day of the cooking.

Following this, we then produced a series of social cut downs, focussing in on each dish.