User journeys of cash recipients in Ukraine

Ground Truth Solutions

Art Direction
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User journeys of cash recipients in Ukraine


Ground Truth Solutions is an international, non-governmental organisation that helps people affected by crisis influence the design and implementation of humanitarian aid. As part of their “Mapping the user journeys of cash recipients in Ukraine” project, GTS conducted 40 qualitative interviews in August-September 2023, with people who applied for and/or received cash assistance in Ukraine.

The primary objective of the research was to document and analyse the individuals’ varied and complex user journeys of engaging with cash programmes, including the processes of getting informed about, applying for, receiving, and using cash assistance, the coping mechanisms employed by the recipients, as well as the recommendations they have for improving their experience. The qualitative interviews led to the creation of nine personas representing fictional but realistic profiles, whose stories were illustrated and published in a report.


GTS asked us to help bring to life Daryna's story in an engaging animation. We took the report from her story and worked into a script that told the story in a 2 minute sequence whilst ensuring all key elements of her visual timeline were incorporated. We used the illustrations from all 9 reports and re-invented these in combinations to work as visual aid to the story. Once the script was in place, we sourced a Ukrainian voice over artist to represent the story told from Daryna's perspective before animation the graphic illustrations to tell the story through animation.