The Great Fair of Shalford


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The Great Fair of Shalford


OnePlan wanted to make a film profiling café owner Frank Ago, highlighting that you don't need to be an experienced or qualified event planner to organise an event using OnePlan.

The Great Fair of Shalford is a bi annual festival in the heart of Surrey. The event is organised by Frank with the help of volunteers within the local community. The festival caters for 5,000 visitors for the 1 day event with 100 vendors all pitching at the festival.


We wanted to tell the story of The Great Fair of Shalford from Frank's perspective. Bringing out the local community aspect of what makes the festival so great and how the OnePlan platform can make that all possible, whilst everyone is doing this on top of their day jobs. We talked to vendors to understand how good the communication for the event was and how easy it was to find their pitch for the day, and also visitors to the festival to gain feedback on the event organisation that was all brought together using OnePlan.