Planning & Running The Tour of Britain


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Planning & Running The Tour of Britain


OnePlan events wanted to produce a case study that highlighted how integral their event planning software is for organising The Tour of Britain. The event covers 8 stages up and down the country, over consecutive days, requiring detailed and specific routes with exact mileage for each stage.

Different crew and organisers for each day in each location all feed into the platform to get real time status, timings and production requirements. The event also encounters many logistical challenges of transport for all event production which OnePlan helps to make easier.


We went to the event organisers Head Office to interview Rob Kennison and hear how OnePlan saves him time, money and benefits the communication between all parties in the organisation of an event of this size. We wanted to film Rob in the natural setting of his office, to give an insight in to his day to day and show him using the platform as we move from on screen to real time demo.

The edit is then brought together using B-roll footage from the event itself to create a story that demonstrates the journey from planning through to finish.