The treasury and payment partner of choice for insurance


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The treasury and payment partner of choice for insurance


Vitesse were looking for a new website and brand explainer film which helped channel their product offering and services. Their unique solution offering enables them to streamline claims payouts faster with a reduced need for capital requirements whilst achieving real-time visibility to the insurer.

Creating a site and film that explained this offering in a way that didn't alienate the audience from the complexity of it's unique service whilst demonstrating the detail in what it offers differently to other businesses and platforms was key.

It was also an opportunity to develop their branding, giving them a strong and fresh look that complimented the secure, trustworthy and clear messaging that their offering communicated throughout the website.


Our approach was firstly to create a device for their product offerings. We created a 3 dimension cube using platform hexagonal pieces, inspired by the flat hexagonal asset they use throughout the business, to hold all the different product offerings from Claims Fund Management, Faster Claims Payments, Payee Choice, and Security. This locked cube device would at times then break free to unlock all these different areas of the business and was housed together with connectivity lines to illustrate the global network that Vitesse sits at the heart of.

We carried this theme across the site and the video, demonstrating the flow of how the Vitesse Treasury & Payment Solution for Insurance works from Insurer to Tier 1 Banks, to Third Party Delegates and then to the Claimants.

Through the site we used apertures to hold photography, giving the brand a consistent, professional and modern look.

The site was created in webflow, allowing us to add engaging and dynamic content through animated lottie infographics, all working to highlight the tech and connective flow of the business.

The site was set up with CMS allowing Vitesse to easily build on this site and add new products and offerings to their website in the future.