Expert, experience and trustworthy

Jubilee Partners

Art Direction
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Expert, experience and trustworthy


Jubilee Partners commissioned us to deliver a refreshed brand identity and website. The showcase website, a key shop window for potential investors, will spotlight their impressive portfolio of private property developments across London and beyond. Situated in Chelsea, their projects span from residential to mixed-use developments.


We refreshed the company's logo by using shield iconography that encapsulates the company's experience and trustworthiness, intricately designed using railings as a subtle reference to property. We've selected a dynamic combination of vibrant orange and deep blue hues, complemented by a bold and confident typeface.

The high-end aesthetic is evident in the website, featuring edge-to-edge imagery that elevates their exceptional portfolio. The minimalistic language resonates with the target demographic, prioritising beautiful imagery to showcase each development. Complemented by large elegant type style, subtle animations and a landing video reel, these elements enhance the overall user experience.