Experts in commercial resin floor systems

Resin Floors Telford

Art Direction
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Experts in commercial resin floor systems


Resin Floors Telford came to us with a brief to use their website as the shop window for how they changed people's perceptions of them being a national scale business, rather than a local one.Specialising in resin flooring, the Shropshire based business lay flooring up and down the country the locations such as The Shard to William Shakespeare's House.

Our brief was not only to give them a new website but a new brand at the same time. One that customers externally bought into, but also one that the staff internally lived by.


We wanted to champion not only the premium products that Resin Floors Telford offer but also the people behind the business, and celebrate the craft and skill that goes into the work they do on a daily basis. The art direction was focussed around giving the site an architectural feel, that looked high end and stood up against their competitors. We then brought through dynamic elements within the site, introducing animated lotties to hold imagery that created a movement, similar to that of poured resin.

Lastly, we also wanted the site to feel relatable to the employers. The business has a family and friendly culture. Whilst they are professionals, who have great knowledge, skill and care with what they do, they are also people that have a lot of fun doing their job and we have balanced this with tone of voice and imagery that makes Resin Floors Telford feel like a friendly, trustworthy and honest business, whilst being fantastic at what they do.